My Sexy Mother In Law Part 3
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My Sexy Mother In Law Part 3
left my office and it took about one and a half hour to reach at my mother in law s house. It was about 7 pm in the evening and it was dark being winter outside. I parked my bike at the door of the house and pushed the door bell. Who is there my mother in law asked from inside after 2 minutes. I replied. She opened the door and said shut the door behind you. It was dark inside. I could not see properly and walked behind her to her bedroom.

She fell on the bed and said help yourself for tea and makes some for me also. I noticed that she was wearing my vest and boxer and could not see her vitals because of the little darkness in her room. But blood rushed to my shaft seeing her sexy hips while I was walking behind her. I prepared tea and came back to her room and found she was laying on the bed pressing her head with her both hands.

I put on the tube light but she said lit the night bulb. I asked her what the problem was. She told me that she had a headache since morning so she even did not go to the office. I gave her tea and sat on the edge of the bed and started sipping the tea. She half bent and sips the tea. In that bed light which was coming from the wall on her head side, I notice that her boobs were free from the bra and nipples were quite visible through my white vest which she was wearing.

I was already having a hard on and the scenic beauty made it harder. My gauge was at her breast while drinking tea and I noticed her was on my bulge in the pant. I finished the tea and waited a little for her emptying the cup. As she emptied the cup I stood up and extended my hand to take the empty cup from her hand which was near to her chest. My hand touched her boob while I took the cup from her but we both did not react. I noticed that my rod was quite visible through my pant but I did not try to conceal it with either of my hands.

I realized that we both were ignoring few things and taking liberties as and when some incident happening since last night without realizing each other. I came back from the kitchen and said you look like a girl in my boxer and vest. I must tell you that my mother in law is 5feet 3 inches and have no extra flesh on her belly. Her skin is quite tight everywhere and her vitals as I gauged later on are 34-29-38. Her weight is 54 Kg., only. Whereas I am 5feet 7 inches and normal built.

Could I do something for your headache, I asked. It could be because of hang on because of more drinks last night, she suggested. Let me put some balm on your forehead I said and without expecting her reply opened the drawer of dressing table and took a tube from it. I sat on the edge of the bed and signaled her to sit on the floor. Sunny you would be late for home, she said. It did not matter I replied. She came down the bed and sat between my legs in front of me on the floor. I could see me and she could see me in the mirror of dressing table.

I smeared some balm on forehead and started messaging her forehead with it. I was messaging very gently on her forehead with my palms. I saw that she has closed her eyes after some time as she felt little relieved from pain. I also noticed in the mirror that her chest is making movements because of her breathing. Dancing of the boobs with her breathing raced the blood in my shaft and was having desired result.

She was not able to notice my erection as her head was few inches from my thighs. In the process of messaging her forehead I asked her was there any relief from pain. She moved her head a little up and said yes! The very same moment, back of her head touched my rod. I saw a smile on her face on the same moment.After few seconds she said the floor was very cold and stood up and jumped on the bed.

I turned back put off my shoes and squatted on the bed. I took her head in my hand and rested on one of my thighs. Now she was lying on the bed and her face was up and I started messaging her forehead after applying some more balm. As her head was on one of my thighs a little pressure of my hand was shaking her head side by side. It started touching my rod with her left ear frequently. I could see a lovely pair of boobs and erected nipples before my eyes. I looked a little underneath and noticed that vest has come up a little above her belly button.

Her whitish stomach was making my horny and crazy. I noticed that she had crossed her legs. I could not resist the sensation on my dick and it happened. I came in my pant and my penis emptied the sperms by drooling and she perhaps she felt it and asked me to stop as she was feeling quite relieved. I jumped off the bed and headed towards bathroom. I washed my tool and cleaned my underwear with her panty which was hanging there for drying. After cleaning my inners I kept the panty from where I took it and came out of the Bath room.

I slowly entered the bedroom and found my mother in law was lying on her tummy while raising her head towards the door. Her boobs were quite visible through the neck and I could not resist looking at them. She smiled and said Thank you sunny for your message, It was my pleasure I said without realizing what I am saying and to whom. You deserve a treat for your hard work saying this she jumped out the bed and went outside touching my body.

I heard the bathroom door closed and then it frightened me to note that I left her panty drenched with my semen. I was just sitting on the bed and though about the events which has happened just now. She came in the bed room after some time and came near to me and hugged me while I was sitting on the edge of the Bed. My face was touching her soft boobs and she was caressing her fingers in my hairs lovingly.

I embraced her at her waist and she pressed a little my head. I gasped for air and opened my mouth for breath and closed it and found some soft piece of flesh in my lips. I could not resist pressing it with my lips and realized that it was one of her nipples. She immediately pushed my head backward and said smiling you needs something to drink.

I also released her from her waist. She went in the kitchen and brought two drinks and offered one to me and said It would be better to have one large drink to relieve from pain in the body. I started sipping the drink and she said let me collect your clothes. I saw she dumped the washed clothes in polythene bags while sipping the drink intermittently. I just remove your boxer and vest and went outside the room.

When She came back she was wearing middy and packed my boxer and vest in separate polythene. She was standing near the television and sipping the drink while moving her body in dancing style. I finished my drink and headed toward her. I reached near her and stood stand still without saying anything. She looked up and said Sunny you were like a good friend to me since last night. I did not say any word and kept quite. She extended her hand to me and said could I rely on you for my personal things. I grabbed her hand and said yes off course,

Could those be in between us forever, she asked. I said Promise. She said Stud go home your wife must be waiting for you wild. I took her in my arms pressed her little and said ok! Sexy friends, She amended by saying Sexy girl friends. I slapped her on her hips and released her. She came at the door to bid good night to me and I drove straight to my House. When my wife enquired where I took the drink I lied to her by saying with a friend. That night I made my wife to wear my boxer and vest after dinner while going for a night walk. She was very happy to wear my clothes. I took three pegs more at dinner that night.

I was feeling little drowsy when I lied on the bed. We made a great sex that night and asked my wife to assume the role of a friend than a wife and to shed all the inhibitions during sex. I made her to say again and again whether she was more hot and horny than my wife. My wife in retaliation teased me by saying that I was sexier than her husband. We talked for the first time all type of vulgarity during sex.

She put my head between her legs for the first time and asked me to lick her vagina. As I put my lips on her cunt lips she said Doggy suck me hard and pressed my head very hard and firmly. I was quite drunk and could not remember much in the morning but I remembered one thing she sat on my face and asked me to fuck her through my tongue.

I did not remember how much filthy language she has used during the night. But I do remember that she asked me whether I would like to fuck her mother being a stud. She even told me that his husband dream about her mother but could not have courage to do that. In that drunken moments what I replied I did not remember in the morning.

My wife came in the room with a cup of tea and said last night you were like a wild animal and planted a kiss on cheeks. She was looking very satisfying and her face was glowing never before without make up. I embraced her and said You are a sexy hot bitch. She put off my sheet and took my rod in her hand, stooped low and kissed the head of my dick and said You are an obedient Dog.

She was lapping her tongue on the shaft and it reacted and raised its head. She took the head in her lips and caressed the pee hole with her tongue. She raised her head took a sip of the hot tea and took my rod in her mouth. Hot tea made her mouth hot and it was feeling very soothing on the head. She drank all the tea in that manner and my dick became fully erected.

She started pulling my penis up and down while sucking it in her mouth. After some time it spurted in her mouth and for the first time I saw her drinking the whole juice. She said after drinking the last drop Why to waste the high protein diet in the morning,

The last night happenings made my wife to change her preferences towards sex. I got up and after taking bath and wearing clothes I headed to my office. I was parking my bike at my office when my mobile phone rang. It was my mother in law. Hi friend would you like to have lunch with me today; I have taken off from the office,

I heard her saying so when I took the incoming call. Why not I said and promised her that I would be before time for lunch. I could not concentrate on my work after that. I was persistently looking at the watch and thinking about her shining beauty and sexy figure. When it became impossible for me to stop myself waiting I gave an excuse to my Boss of some domestic work and left the office one hour earlier.

I reached at her house and rang the door bell and surprised to see the person opening the door. I was surprised to see my wife opening the door. She did not show any reaction to see me at this time at her mother ‘s house. After opening the door she went inside without saying any words. I followed her to the room of my mother in law.

I was puzzled to see my mother in law lying on the bed and two pillows were kept under her right foot. Seeing me she said Sorry sunny for troubling you in the office but I could not help myself as I sprained my foot. I immediately replied and said It is my duty. My wife told me that she accidentally came here as her colleague’s mother died in nearby.

She told me that she would have to leave as the time of cremation is very near and requested me to take care of her mother in her absence. I promised her that I would take utmost care and closed the door after she left. I came in the bedroom and found my mother in law was still keeping her foot on two pillows. I thought that it was a prank played by her and said she has left.

She did not move her feet from the pillow and said she slipped in the bathroom while bathing. I asked when my wife came and she told me 10 minutes before you came. I saw pain killer tube was lying on the bed. I asked did she hurt her much and she told me that her foot got sprained and perhaps her legs bruised because of falling. I squatted on the bed and touched her feet.

She gave a sigh. I understood that it pained her. I took some jelly on my palm and started applying it on her very gently. As I applied jelly on her feet she jerked her feet lightly and said it tickles. As I applied jelly on her feet the sheet covering her legs went up to her ankles. I noticed that there were some bruises on her ankle. I forwarded my hand frisking her slender legs up to her ankle. I took some time messaging her ankle for quite some time and noticed that her legs were spread so much that I could sit between them.

I came in between her legs and started applying jelly on her both ankles. I slid my hands a little above her ankles and slipped them into the sheet. As I was messaging her just below her private parts I noticed that she was breathing heavily and her eyes were closed and she has pressed her lips together. I deliberately pulled the sheet up to her thighs while making a move with my hands. Her legs were visible up to her thighs but secret part was not visible. Just watching that,

I started having erection so hard that my dick was paining in the tight pant. And as my luck was with me, the sheet slipped a more upward and my eyes saw what I wanted to see for quite some time. Her creek leading up to her ass hole was clearly visible as she was not wearing any panties. My fingers could not resist the temptation to touch the glory hole and one of them reached up to the creek.

I was trembling with excitement and my finger was tip toeing near the entrance when her hand pulled down the sheet and I could not keep balance and my mouth rested on her mound. I noticed that it was burning like anything. I could even smell it through the sheet. I poke my nose in the creek through the sheet and felt her hand pressing my head downward. I opened my mouth to breath and my lips caught one of her cunt lips.

She moaned and immediately pulled my hair for removing my head from her glory hole. I got conscious and jot down messaging her ankle through the sheet. We both did not say any word. After sometime she said It was enough and I came out of her legs and sat beside her. I was trying to find words to say something but could not.

She broke the monotony and extended her arm from the sheet and patted my thighs and said don’t worry I would alright soon. I saw that her arm was also having some bruises and said your arm is also hurt. I took some jelly from the tube and started spreading that on her arm. As I approached up to her shoulder by leaning forward her hand was touching my penis.

She did not remove her hand from it and I kept messaging at her shoulder for quite some time. I noticed her boobs were moving up and down swiftly. It was having desired effect on my dick and it started knocking at her palm. I slipped my hand through her shoulder down to her chest and touched her nipples with my fingers.

She sighed and caught hold of my erected penis in her hand. I removed the sheet from her chest and found naked boobs and could not resisted myself and put my hungry mouth on her one of the nipples and started sucking it like a child. One of my hands traveled up to her mound and cupped her cunt.

She pushed me back with a thrust and said don’t cross the limit II quickly collected myself to senses and went outside. I gasped a little in another room and then bell rang. I took a minute and opened the door. It was my wife. Everything is right she inquired. I could nod only. She went in the bedroom and I joined a moment later. When I reached in the room, I found my mother in sitting on the bed while resting her back to the bed support and she was wearing her gown.

She smiled when I show my surprise and said to my wife Sunny applied jelly to my feet so deftly that the pain has completely gone. My wife thanked me for the help and prepared food for us and after having food we left for our home as my mother in law was walking quite comfortably in the room.On reaching home we retired to bed as it was already late. My wife was laying aside me and was caressing my bare chest.

She frisked her fingers on my small nuts on the chest and those become hard nuts. She did an unusual act for the first time. She put her lips on one of the nuts and splashed her hot tongue on it. He asked me to turn to her side and she caught one of the sides of the chest like I hold her breast and started sucking it like a boob. She was being very excited by sucking it and she did it on the other also.

It was giving me shivers in my back bone. She said it was very comforting and sensual to suck yours. She further explained by doing it she got remembrance of being child sucking to her mother breasts.I asked whether she has sucked her mother boobs lately. She told me that she wanted to but could not muster courage while sleeping with her mother when she was not married. It excited me and I further explored.

Did you slept with your mother during nights before marriage? a€ She told me they both slept together every night and she used to keep her hand on her mother€™s boobs while sleeping. I further probed while stroking her ass over the sheet did you ever slept naked? a€ She told me that not exactly like that but both most of the time wore open gown without panty or bra during sleep. It was racing blood with full speed in my penis and she realized that when it touched her thighs.

She further unfolded that during her mother€™s sleep she put her face in her chest and rested her cheeks on one of the boobs and sometime lick the nipples. She was biting my nuts in fit of excitement. My hand was between her ass creek and pressing her ass hole with my thumb. I was out off the sheet and she was in the sheet I put my hand under the sheet and found that she was not wearing the gown which she used to wear at night before going to bed.

I pulled her hair and raised her mouth up to mine and started sucking her lips. My hand was playing with her clitoris which was swollen being excited. She pushed my head downwards up to her chest and for the first time ordered me suck me I started sucking one of her nipple while playing with the other with my hand. I was being excited to see her opening never before.
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